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76% of all store purchases are non-planned; and test studies show that 90% of questioned consumers
make at least one unplanned purchase when shopping in retail stores.
66% of these consumers answer that instore materials and packaging design are conclusive for their offroad shopping choices.


CARDBOARD DISPLAYS – boost your sale.

MPI Instore Solutions designs and produces cardboard displays that boost your sale in retail stores. Both through sales promoting communication and brand awareness.


Solid and practical solutions
When developing our cardboard displays, we emphasize practical and functional solutions for the store personnel and sales consultants to handle. We have high experience in developing solutions that are demanded by the retail stores.


Flexible high quality print 
We offer variable print on our cardboard displays – also in smaller order volumes. Our print technique secures high quality and color authenticity.The graphic design can be specially developed for the cardboard display – and we can help you designing the entire display.


Displays for all purposes
We’ ve got different types of displays – floors displays, hook displays, pallet displays, table displays, hanging displays etc.


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What are the advantages of cardboard displays?

Cardboard displays

Keeps the costs low
The cost of producing cardboard displays are relatively low compared to other types of displays. And it gives the opportunity of smaller order volumes.


Variable print giver new possibilities
You can have variable print on your cardboard displays – which are special suitable for campaigns, season-based solutions etc.


Focus on your branding
Displays strengthen your branding and visual identity through recognizable graphic. The consumer experiences a coherence between your general branding and your displays which creates confidence in your brand.